Are Stacy & Izzy From ‘Love Is Blind’ Together? Reunion Confirms Their Relationship Status

Stacy Snyder and Izzy Zapata made it to their wedding on Love Is Blind season five.

However, while Izzy did say “I do,” Stacy was unable to as she felt they needed more time to build their relationship.

In the finale, Stacy seemed open to staying together, while Izzy was still very upset about his fiancée saying no at the altar.

Izzy was seen in recent weeks out with another woman, but some Instagram story posts in the past week leading up to the finale hinted that he was still with Stacy.

Find out if Stacy and Izzy are together or not inside…

So, are Stacy and Izzy together, a year and a half after the show? No!

During the reunion, the former couple revealed that after their wedding, they took about a week apart, no seeing or speaking to each other, before reuniting. During their date back together, they talked and after having a feeling, Izzy asked her if she was even feeling it, she said she didn’t and couldn’t be with him at the time.

Then, they didn’t talk to each other for a year after that, until the ran into each other at a bar.

“That night, we kind of cleared everything up. We had enough time to really process how we felt about things, how things went,” Stacy shared about that random meeting. “And I think we both just felt like we want the best for each other, and that was palpable that we just felt this there’s no hate. There’s only love and…”

“We needed that. Like, after a year, and I would say it was on me more so. I was just honestly still just so hurt,” Izzy said. “We just hung out a couple times and we just answered all the questions we had. Yeah, and I think that’s why now we have such a great friendship.”

Izzy added that they keep in touch, talk to each other about advice and she’s met other girls he’s tried seeing. In fact, they even randomly ended up at a cooking class together, with their separate dates, and were paired together as a foursome to cook the dish!

They still have a good relationship to this day, as friends though.

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