Ariana Grande Hints New Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Will Address Drama Surrounding Her Relationship With Ethan Slater

Ariana Grande is sharing some details about her upcoming new album Eternal Sunshine!

While the 30-year-old entertainer revealed the tracklist for the album on Tuesday (February 27), the day before she opened up about it in a new interview with longtime friend Zach Sang.

During the first part of their interview, they talked about Eternal Sunshine, auditioning for Wicked and her makeup line, R.E.M. Beauty.

Among the things that she opened up about, was how the album will address all of the media and online scrutiny surrounding her relationship with co-star Ethan Slater.

Find out what she said inside…

“There is a sense of this album where you’re talking to people who have come to their own conclusion. People have crafted their own narratives,” Zach says.

Ariana responds, “Yeah. The thing is, is that we know this about the tabloids and about the media, and about like, am I crazy? Don’t we know this?”

Zach then notes that “nobody cares for the sake of a good story, for curing one’s boredom on the internet.”

“Right, but that’s what I’m saying. It’s like we selectively remember that this is what the tabloids do to people, especially women, based on whether or not we like the person,” Ariana says. “We selectively leave space for humanness, for nuance. They don’t leave space for that, well, they do for their friends and their family, it’s selective.”

She continues, “But when they turn it off, when that aligns with the version of a person that they have in their head that they want to believe is true.”

Ariana notes that there is “plenty” that she wishes people really knew about all of it, but without getting into specifics, as she dances around flat out saying what she’s referring to.

“Of course there’s like an insatiable frustration, inexplicable hellish feeling with watching people misunderstand the people you love, and you, and anything,” she shared.

When Zach says he feels like this album will quiet that, she responds, “Oh god, I hope so. I don’t think it does. I think it’s the absolute worst idea. I’m so nervous, because pieces of it touch on things that are real and then pieces of it are also just like part of the concept. So, what is that separation? It’s so scary to leave it up to these selective memory people to decipher. It’s scary, but I digress.”

During the interview, Ariana said that the new album is “incredibly human” and it’s a concept album touching on the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

She says the album says “everything and nothing at the same time. It’s very vague and very specific, all at once.”

Zach Sang is set to release a second part of the interview, where they go through the album track by track. That will be released on March 8th, the same day the album comes out.