Bradley Cooper Recounts Emergency Room Visit With Carey Mulligan

Bradley Cooper is sharing the scary experience he once had with Carey Mulligan.

If you didn’t know, Bradley, 49, and Carey, 38, starred opposite one another in Maestro, which is nominated for seven Oscars.

Bradley recently described a time when he had to take Carey to the emergency room in 2018.

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The Silver Linings Playbook star was attending Carey‘s performance of Girls & Boys when she suffered an injury on stage.

“I went to meet her backstage and she was prone … because one of the sets had hit her in the top of the head halfway through the play,” Bradley remembered during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

“I went back and I was like, ‘Are you OK?’” he continued. “And she was not OK, at all, and so we went to the emergency room.”

Carey then explained that no one realized what had occurred since the accident happened while the stage lights were off.

“I just couldn’t stop crying, and I thought I was really a goner,” she said. “You know, you get it in your head with a head injury, like, ‘Well that’s it.’ And then I was sobbing on the floor and … someone came in and said, ’Sorry, so sorry — Bradley Cooper [is here].’”

Fortunately, Carey was alright in the end!

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