Chevy Chase Says ‘Community’ Wasn’t ‘Funny Enough’ For Him, One Former Co-Star Responds

Chevy Chase still isn’t the biggest fan of Community, despite starring on the series for four seasons.

During a new interview, the 79-year-old actor seemed to actually slot online forget he was even on the show, before belittling the show as a whole, and the cast as well.

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Appearing on Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast, Chevy admitted that he “felt the show wasn’t funny enough for me, ultimately.”

“I felt a little bit constrained a bit,” he added. “Everyone had their bits and stuff, I thought they were all good, but it just wasn’t hard-hitting enough for me.”

Chase did reveal that the character was okay for him, but he “felt happier being alone, in a sense. I just didn’t want to be surrounded by that table every day with those people. It was too much.”

He also addressed the past stories where he was labeled as difficult and hard to work with, not just on Community, but on other projects as well.

“I have no idea if we’re okay,” he said about Community series creator Dan Harmon. “I’ve never been not okay. He’s kind of a pisser. He’s angry. He called and said he was sorry. I love him now.”

Dan previously said that Chevy would probably not be back for the Community movie, and for good reason.

Following the interview, one of the Chevy‘s Community co-stars, Yvette Nicole Brown, reacted to it.

“He seems nice,” she posted on X, with a laughing emoji, clearly being sarcastic.