Fans Speculate Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Are Finally Re-Teaming For ‘Telephone’ Sequel – Here Are All the Clues!

Are Beyonce and Lady Gaga going to finally release another collab?!

It’s been over 10 years since the two powerhouse singers dropped “Telephone” and fans have been anticipating a second collab ever since.

At the end of the nearly 10 minute long music video it says, “To Be Continued…” prompting fans to wait for almost 14 years with no follow up, possibly until now.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 11), Beyoncé starred in one of the commercials and announced her own follow up to Renaissance, with Act II‘s release date revealed and two new songs dropping.

So how are fans thinking a “Telephone” follow up is imminent?

Keep reading to find out more…

Clue No 1: The Super Bowl and Beyoncé‘s surprise drop happened on February 11th. In the beginning of the “Telephone” video, Gaga was booked in jail on February 11th.

Clue No 2: In “Telephone,” the phone service Virgin Mobile was shown multiple times, and Beyoncé starred in the Verizon Wireless Super Bowl commercial. Plus, Beyoncé in a phone commercial?

Clue No 3: Gaga and Beyoncé drive through the desert in the middle of nowhere, and in Beyoncé‘s teaser for Act II, she can be seen driving through the desert.

Clue No 4: One of the songs Beyoncé surprise released off of Act II is titled, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” which if you recall, Gaga has a song called “Poker Face,” and mentions, “I wanna hold ‘em like they do in Texas, please.”

Clue No 5: Both Beyoncé and Gaga were in attendance at the Super Bowl, but we unfortunately did not get any photos of the two together. However, Gaga shared a photo from the game where you can see her holding up two fingers. Act II, Part II?

Clue No 6: For the Super Bowl, Gaga wore a jersey with the number 16 on it. The second song Beyoncé surprise dropped during the game is called “16 Carriages“!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is the “Telephone” follow up finally coming?!