Maya Rudolph Channels Beyonce With Musical Performance During ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue

Maya Rudolph kicked off the May 11 episode of Saturday Night Live with a Mother’s Day themed musical number that should have been on Beyonce‘s Renaissance World Tour!

The 51-year-old Loot actress took the stage to celebrate her status as a mom before she was joined by Sarah Sherman and Bowen Yang, who informed her that she had achieved “extraterrestrial mother status.”

After a brief monologue from Kenan Thompson, Maya executed a bold costume change and broke into a banger!

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“I’m your mother,” Maya chanted over a house beat in a bedazzled outfit.

She continued while taking us on a tour of the studio, chanting, “Bow down children, I’m your mama / Giving queen, giving drama.”

The actress returned to the stage, where she was joined by the rest of the cast. As a nod to Beyonce, there was even a horse in the background.

Maya will be joined by musical guest Vampire Weekend.

We’ll get this post updated with Maya‘s monologue as soon as it gets updated online. We’ll also update you about any other big developments from the show.

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