Only 7 Actors Have Won 3 or More Oscars in Acting Categories (But 2 Stars Could Join the Club in 2024!)

The Oscars are arguably the most prestigious awards show that an actor can be recognized at.

Even getting nominated in the acting categories – Best Actor and Actress and Best Supporting Actor and Actress – is an impressive feat that might take years to achieve.

Take Leonardo DiCaprio for example; he won his first in 2016 after appearing in multiple critically acclaimed movies.

If it’s hard to win one Oscar, imagine how hard it is to win three. Believe it or not, only seven actors have won three or more Oscars in the acting categories since the awards show originated in 1929.

That means that only seven stars have pulled off this feat in more than 90 years. The most recent person to join the very exclusive club did so in 2020. The first to pull it off founded the club in 1940.

With the 2024 ceremony right around the corner, the very exclusive list could grow by two. We pulled together all seven stars who are already member and the two who could be joining the club this weekend!

As a bonus, we also looked at how they compared against the most-awarded person in the history of the Oscars. Spoiler alert: That winner blows them out of the water by a dramatic amount!

Scroll through to see which actors have received the most wins in acting categories at the Oscars…