Palace Experts Discuss Kate Middleton’s Extended Absence, What They Know & What It Says About Royal Family

Palace insiders and royal experts are speaking out about Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) amid her extended absence from the public eye.

The Princess of Wales underwent a surgical procedure in January 2024 and has only been seen once in the weeks that have followed. Rumors have spread about her wellbeing as fans and royal watchers become concerned, despite assurances that everything is alright.

In a new report, several with knowledge about the Royal Family are opening up. They revealed what they knew and what we can learn from the Palace’s response to the questions.

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Speaking to People, one source said that it has been “radio silence” about Princess Catherine recently.

Other Royal experts have pointed out the issues that the Princess’ absence pose for the family.

“She is their MVP, without any doubt,” royal historian Amanda Foreman told the outlet.

Another source agreed. With her being “so central to the monarchy,” biographer Sally Bedell Smith noted that it’s leaving people feeling “unsettled” to not know how she is.

Sally pointed out a lesson that the family could take from the late Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth used to say, ‘I need to be seen to be believed.’ It is important for Charles and his reign for the public to know a little bit more,” she opined.

Biographer Catherine Mayer also pointed out another problem that has become obvious in the moment: “The royal family has gone from too many people to too few in a short space of time.”

Thankfully, it appears that we might know when Princess Catherine is scheduled to return to work! Her husband Prince William also broke his silence on the matter.