Rob Lowe Talks Losing Out on ‘Footloose’ to Kevin Bacon, How He Found Out He Didn’t Get It

Rob Lowe is opening up about missing out on a big movie role in the ’80s.

The now 59-year-old actor was up for the leading role of Ren McCormack in Footloose, which ultimate went to Kevin Bacon.

Tom Cruise was also up for the role.

As the 40th anniversary comes up in February, Rob dished on what it was like not getting the part, and what really was the cause of his losing the role.

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“The thing that’s awful about it was, I was the guy. I was going to get this part,” he told USA Today. “I just had to do the dance, which was to a Styx song, by the way. Not helpful. But it ended with that drop-to-your-knees slide across the floor. My knee just exploded. They took me out on a stretcher.”

“As they were wheeling me out, the producers were like, ‘We’re going have to get a real professional dancer,’” he continued. “A week into my rehab, I read they cast Kevin Bacon. That’s when I learned what Hollywood was about.”

Rob also revealed what Kevin said to him about the role.

“I spoke to Kevin about it. He told me, ‘You wouldn’t have gotten it anyway,’” he said.

Footloose‘s 40th anniversary since it hit theaters is on February 17th.