Sterling K. Brown Reveals His Favorite On-Screen Death

Sterling K. Brown is looking back at all the times he died on screen.

The 47-year-old three-time Emmy winner appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show on Monday (February 26) where he revealed his favorite on-screen death.

“As a Black actor, you die a lot on screen. Real talk,” Sterling started, referring to his deaths in Black Panther, Supernatural, and The Rhythm Section.

Keep reading to find out more…“My most favorite one was on Supernatural, where I became a vampire hunter,” Sterling shared. “But then I got bit by a vampire and so I had to die by being beheaded. That was a good time. That was fun.”

In season two of the hit The CW series, Sterling appeared as vampire hunter Gordon Walker who ran into Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) as they hunted for a nest of vampires.

Gordon soon finds out about Sam’s visions and starts targeting him, believing that the younger Winchester is not human.

When Gordon returns in season three, he’s turned into a vampire and later beheaded by Sam with a razor wire.

If you missed it, Sterling is reuniting with the creator of This Is Us for a new Hulu series.