‘The Voice’ Contestant Tom Nitti Reveals Reason Behind His Abrupt Exit From the Show

The Voice contestant Tom Nitti is revealing why he left the show early.

The 31-year-old was a member of Reba McEntire‘s team on season 24 of the NBC singing competition. On November 28, Tom announced that he was departing The Voice.

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In a recent interview with Utica Observer-Dispatch, Tom explained the reason behind his abrupt exit.

Just months after beginning his journey on The Voice, Tom filed for divorce from his ex-wife. The Purple Heart recipient ultimately decided that caring for his two children had to come first.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to pursue music full-time, but I can’t do that without a cushion,” he said. “As a dad, I need to make sure my children will be supported.”

Tom also recalled a conversation he had with fellow contestant Jacquie Roar about the matter.

“I spilled my guts,” he said. “I told her about how I had just received an email from my lawyers urging me to come home because my ex-wife was going after primary custody.”

He continued, “I am happy with the decision I made, but should it have come to that point? Absolutely not.”

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