Tom Hanks Talks Meg Ryan Chemistry, Reveals Why They Worked So Well Together

Tom Hanks is opening up about working with Meg Ryan!

The 67-year-old actor and the 62-year-old actress worked together on multiple projects, which includes You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Ithaca, Joe Versus the Volcano and Everything Is Copy.

For You’ve Got Mail‘s recent 25 year anniversary on December 18th, an old interview resurfaced where the actor talked about the chemistry between him and his co-star.

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“It’s just a natural thing,” he told ET. “It’s like, why are we friends with the people that we’re friends with?”

“I must say, Meg and I are not real close pals,” he shared at the time. “We see each other every now and again. It’s like, we don’t hang out for coffee. … But when we pick up, we just pick up where we left off and it’s an effortless thing that I don’t think either one of us examines it too much because if we did, it’d be a problem.”

“We don’t plan. We just do it,” he added.

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