Travis Kelce Talks Visiting Taylor Swift in Australia, References Media Craze & Why Singer Loves Performing There

Travis Kelce spilled some tea about his very high-profile trip to Australia to visit Taylor Swift.

The 34-year-old Super Bowl winner traveled Down Under last month to support his girlfriend as she resumed her Eras Tour with a string of shows in the country.

Every moment of the trip was documented by the press, including a trip to the zoo with Taylor and her opening act Sabrina Carpenter.

During a new episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Jason, Travis reflected on his life at the moment, calling out “a lot of false media.”

He also had so much to say about Australia, the zoo and why Taylor loves putting on a show in the area.

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Travis acknowledged that there was “a lot of false media being tossed out there” about his life at the moment. However, one thing that “wasn’t false” was the gaggle of press following him in Australia. He said that the cameras were out in fell effect from the moment he got off the plane.

The zoo was even more intense with “full-on helicopters just flying around.”

“Yeah, they helicopter’ed us,” he said, “Well not us, Taylor. This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible.”

On the topic of the Eras Tour, Travis shouted out the fans in the crowd.

“I’m pretty sure the crowds over there… they’re already rowdy. The Australians are pretty rowdy. They like to have a good time. I like to have a good time. They were just, like, a little bit louder than the Argentinian crowd, and I was not expecting that because Argentina was fucking loud, and they were into it, and so was Sydney,” he said.

If you forgot, Travis‘ first Eras Tour as Taylor‘s boyfriend was in Argentina.

Travis added that Taylor “is very fond of performing in Australia because of the crowds over there and how into it they get. So shout-out to Australia for showing up.”

Did you see how Taylor showed Travis love during the show?

There’s been a new update about Travis‘ plans with Taylor!